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the 9 muses
Premiere 2009

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the 9 muses

Photo Credit: Gabriel Bienczycki

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Grounds for Sculpture

***Special thanks to Art C Meadmore Sculptures,LLC - licensed by VAGA, New York, NY.

***Please note that photographs in our archives were taken with special permission and with the utmost respect to the artists and their works. These were done in conjunction with performance pieces. Vistors to the Grounds for Sculpture are asked to please not climb on the sculptures or go in to any of the bodies of water. If you visit the Grounds for Sculpture, enjoy the sculpture park in accordance with the rules, which are intended to protect the artworks, maintain peace and quiet, and preserve the natural beauty of the sculpture park. Photographs in our archives may not be used without permission.

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6th Annual Jam For Jess

Photo Credit: Denis Gronostayskiy